Comic 232 - Prescription

23rd Feb 2012, 12:33 AM in Filling in the Past
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view 23rd Feb 2012, 12:33 AM edit delete
Sorry, I still have no internet connection. This sucks.

EDIT: Reconnected. Damn, that was a big fucking mess.


RandomTroll 23rd Feb 2012, 1:45 AM edit delete reply

Dang, mary is getting adventurous :P
Jst56strong 23rd Feb 2012, 1:46 AM edit delete reply
Second! Hey view fans I have an Idea let’s see who can get the most or best comments from lord robot view. The rules of the game would be simple, write something and wait for a reaction. My lord may we have this great contest.
Jst56strong 23rd Feb 2012, 1:47 AM edit delete reply
JasperWB 23rd Feb 2012, 1:55 AM edit delete reply
Uh. Please don't scare view away. I'd greatly miss this work if y'all forced him into hiding.
view 23rd Feb 2012, 2:11 AM edit delete reply
I'm with Jasper.

... does that mean he wins?
RandomTroll 23rd Feb 2012, 2:27 AM edit delete reply
No, you must respond to a post without responses.
view 23rd Feb 2012, 2:31 AM edit delete reply
Such restrictions!

I was thinking about doing silly robot-face avatars. Anybody want one?
JasperWB 23rd Feb 2012, 2:40 AM edit delete reply
Hell yeah...please. Mine is not exactly creative. Anymore at least.
IrishPandaPrincess94 23rd Feb 2012, 5:52 PM edit delete reply
Mines creative...and it stands out
Prestidigititis 23rd Feb 2012, 2:45 AM edit delete reply
I'd love to have one. Awfully nice of you to offer!
view 23rd Feb 2012, 2:49 AM edit delete reply
If people give me some basic idea of the sort of face they want, I'll go ahead and do them. Feel free to mix and match pieces of existing characters, or talk about general feel, or whatever.

Just remember that it's a simple sketch, so details will get lost. IE, keep it simple.
JasperWB 23rd Feb 2012, 2:54 AM edit delete reply
I'd like a personification of me. Like how /you/ think I would look if I were a robot, based on what I post n stuff. The personality behind all the crap I say, but as a kickass robot! If you want a specific face instead though, I can provide it. But if you had the time I'd love to see what you can come up with.

And of course, a big thank you in advance either way
view 23rd Feb 2012, 2:59 AM edit delete reply
Okay, a slightly crazed, slightly dented robot.
JasperWB 23rd Feb 2012, 3:06 AM edit delete reply
Haha! Yeah that'd be about right. And clearly repaired by himself. Once a good looking well designed robot but then a massive fall from grace or sanity? A buried layer of something nice so I don't get entirely depressed when I see it lol
Prestidigititis 23rd Feb 2012, 3:14 AM edit delete reply
All I can think of is take the face you see in my comments now, and robot it up. Feel free to add lazorz!
JasperWB 23rd Feb 2012, 3:30 AM edit delete reply
Complete with the "pew pew" captions. You don't want viewers to be lost as they take it all in.
view 23rd Feb 2012, 3:35 AM edit delete reply
Hairy robots, greaaaat.
Prestidigititis 23rd Feb 2012, 3:41 AM edit delete reply
I'm just as nature made me, friend.
kill3st 23rd Feb 2012, 4:29 AM edit delete reply
Mine would be like kersie, just a little wider, and wearing a red fedora... Please?
view 23rd Feb 2012, 4:35 AM edit delete reply
Well, somebody remembers Kersie! He's got the default "durable open hardware design" face, very similar to Hans.
Jst56strong 23rd Feb 2012, 11:13 AM edit delete reply
can i get one to?
Sheela 24th Feb 2012, 2:55 PM edit delete reply
Damn .. they're all humanoid ... there's no robot doggies. :(
RandomTroll 23rd Feb 2012, 3:34 AM edit delete reply
Hey view, I have a question.
view 23rd Feb 2012, 3:34 AM edit delete reply
If that's true, you are hiding it pretty well.
RandomTroll 23rd Feb 2012, 4:03 AM edit delete reply
Wow, I somehow managed to both hit Post and delete my question at the same time.

How come I'm not in the story, and banging Miwa yet? We are around the same age, and I have similar mental capacity as Jim (when I focus.) Congruently, I also know the answer to Miwa's lightning problem.
view 23rd Feb 2012, 4:11 AM edit delete reply
Ah, sorry, the XVT got you. I wasn't going to tell you, but... oh well, now you know.
cattservant 23rd Feb 2012, 8:49 AM edit delete reply
Hail RandomTroll How is the goat traffic through your underpass? Have you thought that in contrast to Miwa's lightning problem, that in the future Mary might have a heavyning problem?
RandomTroll 23rd Feb 2012, 2:51 PM edit delete reply
The goat traffic is fine, and fun. ITs fainting goats so I can scare them and they freeze and fall over. So I can easily catch and cook them! YAYAAA!
cattservant 23rd Feb 2012, 10:03 PM edit delete reply
Sounds like it's (almost) Summertime and the living is easing... Ya know, fainting goats have a lot in common with seedless grapes. You gotta cultivate them or they would soon be gone!
Viscount_Tusc 23rd Feb 2012, 7:09 AM edit delete reply
XVT FTW. Also, d'aw. ^^
cattservant 23rd Feb 2012, 8:22 AM edit delete reply
Master view: A question <if you wish>: About the 'Fearless Four'; How did they become a peer group? I realize that the total population of Nowheresville is very small and that the story focuses on them, but there are other kids in town. Are they the only four in their age set, or are there social/economic factors involved? They do seem to be part of Jim and Mary's circle of influence. >^oo^<
Badger 23rd Feb 2012, 9:57 AM edit delete reply
Hey View, I've been wondering, just how much time passes between major events in the story? I mean, Mary's been making massive leaps in her confidence with Jim and all, is this happening over a period of days, week... months? 0_o
cattservant 23rd Feb 2012, 10:10 AM edit delete reply
@Badger:Page#226, 2nd panel "...a rough week..." <if that is of any help> >^oo^<
Badger 23rd Feb 2012, 10:20 AM edit delete reply
Huh. bit of a derp there. I see now. Probably means I should sleep.
cattservant 23rd Feb 2012, 10:32 AM edit delete reply
No no... Sleep is highly overrated! >^~~^< zzz
Ally Haert 23rd Feb 2012, 1:02 PM edit delete reply
Ally Haert
I have a question:

Why the hell do your fans call you "Great Overlord View" and "Lord Robot View" and other titles like that? It's not's creepy as shit.

View, hands down you win the award for "Strangest Fans".
cattservant 23rd Feb 2012, 1:12 PM edit delete reply
@Ally Haert: Because Master view is The Great Deflector, so we have no pronouns with which to address ___. (Also, thank you for the fine compliment!)
view 23rd Feb 2012, 1:31 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, I wish they'd stop.
cattservant 23rd Feb 2012, 1:36 PM edit delete reply
Hail Master view! Would you consider answering my question about the 'fearless four'? Please...>^OO^<
view 23rd Feb 2012, 1:42 PM edit delete reply
No, because you won't listen to me. This is twice I've asked everyone to stop it with the exaltation bullshit.

Three, now.
cattservant 23rd Feb 2012, 1:45 PM edit delete reply
It really is about lack of pronouns. But as you wish, so shall it be! (besides, third time is often the charm...)
view 23rd Feb 2012, 1:50 PM edit delete reply
They're the four kids who are all in the same grade at school.
cattservant 23rd Feb 2012, 1:55 PM edit delete reply
"Thank you, thank you very much!" The 'adults' are doing a smooth job of soothing so far. Is Miwa in on it too? (btw How do you feel about that thing called sleep?) >^~~^< zzz
ravenor78 23rd Feb 2012, 5:31 PM edit delete reply
@catservant about the sleep... i don't get to much, but you seem just fine. Also why view do you hate honorifics?
Meh.Aloe 23rd Feb 2012, 6:52 PM edit delete reply
I propose we just call everyone *except* view with exaltations now. Lord Master cattservant! Empress ravenor78! Jasper the God-Like! Prestidigititis the Magnificently Bearded!

... Or... Or not. I am sad. :(
ravenor78 24th Feb 2012, 3:23 PM edit delete reply
Sorry the all powerful Meh.Aloe but it's the Emperor Ravenor78 (how did you guess my favorite exaltation?)
Archduke 23rd Feb 2012, 7:15 PM edit delete reply
@ Ally Haert, couldn't have said it any better. Damned cultists! The Emperor protects! Purge the unclean!

Ugh, now I'm just as strange as the other denizens of this wretched hive of scum and villainy...

@ Meh.Aloe from the previous page: Well, we do have Gort.
JasperWB 23rd Feb 2012, 7:46 PM edit delete reply
JasperWB look on a bright side of all of this, I don't think I'm the weird fan anymore. Awkward, maybe, but I'm not treating this place as Jonestown! And that is pretty difficult since I do like punch.

Perhaps not the most tasteful joke to diffuse tensions.
IrishPandaPrincess94 23rd Feb 2012, 5:50 PM edit delete reply
Finnaly Mary and Jim kiss.....Idr did they kiss before???
view 23rd Feb 2012, 9:18 PM edit delete reply
I don't remember. I think so?
cattservant 23rd Feb 2012, 9:34 PM edit delete reply
Good afternoon view! A rock in the koi pond... >^~o^<?
JasperWB 23rd Feb 2012, 9:34 PM edit delete reply
If they did it wasn't this cute before. This page is their best interacting in the whole comic!
cattservant 23rd Feb 2012, 9:27 PM edit delete reply
Et alia...
@ravenor: If you are half asleep most of the time, you can stay half awake twice as long! @Meh.Aloe: Be ye not sad. 'Tis a fine opportunity to be modern minimalist for while! @Archduke: We should thank AH for being catalytic and for the fine compliment too! @JasperWB: I'm looking to you <if you don't mind> for more of your fine insights about all this. (I think grape is best!) And, @IrishPandaPrincess94: Page #186, #188 (!) & #189, and consider #210 thru #216 if it pleases you. >^OO^<
cattservant 23rd Feb 2012, 10:28 PM edit delete reply
This page could be aka "Smooch & Smack"! "um"... Hansel's education is being advanced. New love is sweet indeed! And, I think I perceive the third vertex of this triangle looming just under the horizon...