Comic 259 - Bloom

24th Mar 2012, 5:54 PM in Bloom
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view 24th Mar 2012, 5:54 PM edit delete
I get a whole lot of requests to draw more porn. Here's the short version: Porn is really boring.

I think that's why internet porn tends to be so rich in fetishes. Anything to make the porn less boring.


JasperWB 24th Mar 2012, 6:43 PM edit delete reply
Perfect chapter title and cover. Women get to bloom, men just get a high five and go back to the line.

And I hope I didn't put you on the porn is boring tangent. I was just trying to converse!..
view 24th Mar 2012, 6:44 PM edit delete reply
I get around a dozen requests a week.
JasperWB 24th Mar 2012, 6:50 PM edit delete reply
Oh. That's probably another reason to not feel compelled to do more. And like I said, I agree. Sex as a genre is something that comes in bursts. You can get apathetic about it quickly. As an author I just imagine the idea to make series like cheer just come now and then and when its out of your system, its just out for a while. Though inheritly I'm not sure I'd agree its boring. It depends on a lot.
Merle 26th Oct 2012, 2:10 AM edit delete reply
I request that you draw whatever the heck is interesting/fun/challenging to draw! I like looking at porn, but heck, I like looking at just about anything you draw.
IrishPandaPrincess94 24th Mar 2012, 7:11 PM edit delete reply
Way to get it on, Mary XD Brava Brava on your performance with Jim....anyway....great detail and shading
Sebine 25th Mar 2012, 3:46 PM edit delete reply
When I read your name all I can picture is a Scotch Korean eating a Starburst...
IrishPandaPrincess94 26th Mar 2012, 4:01 PM edit delete reply
That is hilarious....I'm Irish...I like Pandas...I'm female....and I was born in 1994. So, it's hilarious what you just said there.
cattservant 24th Mar 2012, 8:58 PM edit delete reply
Away down in the bottom of the garden*, a rose by any other name**... Is never quite the same***.

**(and here)
***(and again here)
OnlyFoolsAndVikings 24th Mar 2012, 9:25 PM edit delete reply
You get requests to draw more porn every week?

Put a price tag on it = become most popular rich guy View.

Idk seems kinda strange that someone would be like "hey you're a good artist, can you draw me some porn?"
view 24th Mar 2012, 9:27 PM edit delete reply
I drew porn, so now they tell me to draw more porn. I'm sure if Fools & Vikings featured porn, you'd get the same kind of comments and messages.

There's no particular point to asking for money, since I'd have to make a lot of cash for it to be worthwhile. It's quite a bit of work and I have a good day job.
OnlyFoolsAndVikings 24th Mar 2012, 9:39 PM edit delete reply
Ol' Foolzy won't draw any porn, I would laugh too much and probably make every one stick as stock figures. But still, seems strange that people focus on that, fuck the porn, (*gigglesnort*) demand more story/comics, demand to know what happens next.

and on that note



Hey draw more porn

view 24th Mar 2012, 9:50 PM edit delete reply
OK, I will fill the upcoming chapter with pornish stuff.
Sheela 25th Mar 2012, 6:47 AM edit delete reply
Interestingly, while porn can be good, it's usually the story telling that carries a comic in the long run.
But at the same time, a comic that completely avoids the subject of sex, and porny situations, often runs the risk of becoming dull and lifeless.

I mean ... imagine Real Life without sex ?
cattservant 25th Mar 2012, 9:14 AM edit delete reply
Maybe imagining Sex without real life would be a viable alternative...
JasperWB 25th Mar 2012, 2:33 PM edit delete reply
I don't have to imagine the former. You eventually adapt or go insane. I've yet to determine which I did. I didn't turn into a serial killer or a drunk so...I think that's a good sign?
cattservant 25th Mar 2012, 3:12 PM edit delete reply
Some things are just better handled by oneself...
JasperWB 25th Mar 2012, 5:51 PM edit delete reply
Uh. No.
Sheela 26th Mar 2012, 10:56 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, orgies tends to be pretty boring when you're alone !
cattservant 26th Mar 2012, 11:04 AM edit delete reply
It would cut way down on any potential for miscommunication though...
TomHCinMI 24th Mar 2012, 9:37 PM edit delete reply
I like the SF. I like the personalities. I like how robots think. I like how molluscs think! (in your story; I don't know how they think in real life, if at all).
What you've called "porn" is IMO really character-development, and really well done. I enjoyed it, but I want the story, and if it's not part of the story I don't want to see more.
view 24th Mar 2012, 9:50 PM edit delete reply
You're not nearly obsessive and one-dimensional enough to be a member of the internet!
Phuji 24th Mar 2012, 11:40 PM edit delete reply
For all the people who complain or make demands there are many more silent readers who thoroughly enjoy every aspect your comics without feeling the urge to question insignificant details or tell you how they would have made the character in that panel with a facial expression they didn't agree with.

I, for one, have read and enjoyed all of your comics (that I know of). Not just for the porny parts but because of the personality that you depict in all the characters you create. Even in the midst of 2 characters having sex you can see so much more in the characters than what they are doing in each panel. All of your characters portray feelings and emotions. It's because of that trait that all of your readers enjoy this and other comics you've made no matter what the theme is.

It may also be that you just make great porn comics because of the thought and time you put into character development rather than just common porn angles, hairless slits, over-sized breasts, and cheesy dialogue.
view 24th Mar 2012, 11:46 PM edit delete reply
Well, some people try to make porn interesting by drawing fetishes. I try to make it interesting by drawing people.
Sheela 25th Mar 2012, 6:49 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, people *AND* their stories.
.. do you want cheese with that ?
Felix 25th Mar 2012, 12:12 AM edit delete reply
My favourite aspect of Never Mind the Gap is the robots; the porn isn't that explicit, anyway.
cattservant 25th Mar 2012, 12:26 AM edit delete reply
Quality; we know it when we see it!*

Ally Haert 25th Mar 2012, 5:14 AM edit delete reply
Ally Haert
You have got to be the only person I've met online who obsessively provides their own footnotes. ;)
Sheela 25th Mar 2012, 6:51 AM edit delete reply
Heh, it is a bit unusual.
But it also adds a bit of spice. :)
cattservant 25th Mar 2012, 8:59 AM edit delete reply
Hi ya Sheela! "Thank you, thank you very much!.."* Ok, ok... I admit it. I'm an asteriskophile!** >^o*o^<!

*(As In)
**(And So)

cattservant 25th Mar 2012, 8:37 AM edit delete reply
@Ally Haert Thank you for another fine compliment. I know that most of my comments are obscure and tenuous so I feel I should at least try to tether them to some kind of reality.
Sheela 26th Mar 2012, 1:37 AM edit delete reply
We're connected to reality ? :D
cattservant 26th Mar 2012, 4:31 AM edit delete reply
Only by consensus.
CyberSkull 25th Mar 2012, 8:20 AM edit delete reply
A blooming flower. I saw what you did there. ;)
cattservant 25th Mar 2012, 9:17 AM edit delete reply
Did you notice the thorn too?
cattservant 25th Mar 2012, 9:53 AM edit delete reply
Thank you view. Your Chapter 8 cover is very fine. It touches on deep traditions. Are you familiar with the works of Cicely Mary Barker? An image search for 'flower fairy' has very visual results.
Thank you once again! image
view 25th Mar 2012, 1:15 PM edit delete reply
Yes, but Shadowstitch is probably closer to the actual inspiration.

cattservant 25th Mar 2012, 2:48 PM edit delete reply
Bram Stoker still has a lot to answer for...

The world is oysterish and time is the irritant that the layered pearl seeks to overcome.

Even so, we don't have to be an Arthur Conan Doyle either...

(and no asterisks this time)
Sheela 26th Mar 2012, 1:39 AM edit delete reply
Wasn't Flower Fairy originally slang for gay men ?
cattservant 26th Mar 2012, 4:43 AM edit delete reply
There was considerable cultural usage before that happened.

For example
and be sure (if you wish) to do an image search for 'flower fairy'.
Shadowstitch 25th Mar 2012, 12:16 PM edit delete reply
Oh hey, she's an Aluraune.
drakvl 29th Mar 2012, 1:15 AM edit delete reply
"Porn is really boring."

BS. Ironically, your work is the best example I can provide of why that argument is BS. I love your characterization, and the way you weave personalities in an organic build-up to a sex scene. You do it right, you and Foglio and the folks who made _Elven Bride_. You do it right by putting the principles of good storytelling first: specifically, you make us care about the characters.
ColdFusion 28th Sep 2016, 7:45 AM edit delete reply
The problem with porn, as far as I can tell, is that if it does its job, with most men, they lose interest afterwards.. and with most women, if it works at all, it only gets them more riled up than they wanted to be anyway.
that's why I think porn is like a fishing video game: best part of a larger whole