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17th Jun 2011, 8:38 PM in 2
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view 17th Jun 2011, 8:38 PM edit delete
This is the first time in this comic series I've wanted to upload two pages at once. I just don't think this page works, except when read in one go from last page through next page.

It'll be clearer tomorrow, but they reprogrammed the translator just because she always complains that she's not their mom. So now it says "mom" every time the octopus says "Mary" or "ma'am" or whatever.

The robot girl is one of the very few robotic females - there are only three or four. This one specializes in underwater maneuvers and does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to underwater work. Of course, Mary does plenty, too.

"Dwarves" is referring to the dwarf octopi, not short humanoids. The dwarf octopi aren't very popular underwater, but are specifically engineered to handle the cramped confines of a land-walking humanoid robot.


duLapel 18th Jun 2011, 12:00 AM edit delete reply
"Mmmm... Stone Crab flavored lollipops! Your the best Mommy," exclaimed Chell...

@view: It worked just fine for me... but I was expecting a "yes mommy," from the smart ass practical jokers... I guess they are more civil than they let on.

Is this a salt water lake or are the octopi fresh water adapted?
view 18th Jun 2011, 12:11 AM edit delete reply
Actually, that's in panel 2 of next page...

The lake is fresh water, and the octopi are adapted. Normally, they wouldn't have bothered engineering freshwater adaptations into the octopi, and just raised them in an actual sea somewhere, but it's much harder to engineer them to resist violet water. It makes more sense to raise them in a large inland body of water where the currents can't carry contaminants or acid in.
JasperWB 18th Jun 2011, 12:52 AM edit delete reply
Stop picking on the damn midgets Chell! lol
duLapel 18th Jun 2011, 1:29 AM edit delete reply
Violet Water... view! The vast perfume ocean!!?? 0,0

*sigh* I'll just sit on my hands and wait for the story to unfold... ~_'

Oh... PS: It would take a bit of finagling to get around Octopi's programed starvation/programed death after spawning... engineering fresh water tolerance is likely several of orders of magnitude less difficult...
view 18th Jun 2011, 2:03 AM edit delete reply
"Spawning"? Why would they spawn? That would just introduce unnecessary complexities into the population dynamics.
kill3st 18th Jun 2011, 2:36 AM edit delete reply
I can't wait to see Jim feeding Mary his cheesy ignorant compliments...
view 18th Jun 2011, 2:44 AM edit delete reply
Hey, hey, it's not like Jim is in the swimming club or anything!
kill3st 18th Jun 2011, 8:13 AM edit delete reply
Not like she'll go down on him if he tells her she's smart...
wr4ith0 19th Jun 2011, 1:47 AM edit delete reply
oh, i assumed dwarves were engineers... it makes sense if you've read <i>the cryptonomicon</i>
linkman6499 2nd Jul 2011, 2:45 AM edit delete reply
hahahhahahaha thanks mom hahahah, wow did her friends make the translator work to say mom
view 2nd Jul 2011, 2:50 AM edit delete reply
You guessed it before it was explained! Good. I hate explaining things.
linkman6499 2nd Jul 2011, 2:52 AM edit delete reply
YAY i got a bonus point XD
Guest 23rd Jul 2011, 8:22 AM edit delete reply
You get one Internet point to say anything without negative comments about it :)