Comic 81 - Down now

15th Aug 2011, 12:33 PM in 3
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view 15th Aug 2011, 12:33 PM edit delete
Wow, another page that doesn't make any sense on its own. But I like it anyway.


kill3st 15th Aug 2011, 3:04 PM edit delete reply
+1 for jim ...

He makes a great 'OH SHIT!!!' handle...
jst56strong 15th Aug 2011, 10:29 PM edit delete reply
jim and mary look great in contrast
view 15th Aug 2011, 11:22 PM edit delete reply
In contrast?
jst56strong 16th Aug 2011, 9:38 AM edit delete reply
The last panel is great and the contrast between the cool face and freaked face is awesome.