Random Stuff

Here's the cast:


... And nobody else matters!


Here's a cool piece of fanart I got! From, um.... "klhfxcbnm".



Sketch winner section!


The two winners from page 45 both requested Miwa, oddly enough. At the time of posting, she's only been in one page and did nothing other than hold the door open. Well, here's Archduke's sketch of Miwa saying his forum name, and here's Valatar's sketch of Miwa talking to the Cheer girls.


Page 107 had a quiz, too. Neither winner picked Miwa, probably because Miwa looks like a total bitch between page 45 and 107. Here's Jasper's pic of Carol, and Kill3st's pic of Mary and Cheer's Blonde. Page 170something had a contest, which was won by ZombieDerf.


Random animated doodle from chapter 1.


Random art add-ons.






Example of roughs (very shrunk):



Here's a rough map!


Requests for individual panels go here. Not sure why people want these, but it's not difficult to do.

Here's Mary jumping on the sign.


Here's some fanart from Prestidigititis:

From Lenny, Gisele's future as a white human republican:

From JasperWB, Miwa as a soviet propagandist: